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Article: The era of IoT bringing the world closer

Author: Markus Doetsch, 
             MD & CEO, Sicap Group

Internet of Things (IoT) as an integrated platform to connect devices, applications and online services, has significantly blurred the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds, providing interconnected solutions in the present digital era. IoT based systems and solutions offer a wide range of possibilities and opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), to converge and operate successfully while taking the lead in driving innovation.

Mobile service providers can leverage cutting-edge IoT Service Enablement solution to benefit enterprises that come from diversified industry verticals. Through this solution, service providers can unlock new revenue streams without making huge investments while offering device and asset management through the commonly utilized IoT and M2M technologies and protocols. It’s a key to manage all the interconnected devices and assets from a central graphical user interface and a rule based engine further enables an easy configuration of automated, real-time actions to interact with devices and external systems.

New and innovative IoT platforms will support operators to develop and build sustainable IoT eco-systems that deliver and monetize real-world value propositions to their customers. In smart cities, diverse users, devices, machines, systems and applications over all levels, will be connected by, and interact together, through the effective IoT platform. The platform can benefit MNOs and MVNOs with a variety of protocols to interact with IoT devices and gives the capability to connect to IoT applications through open APIs (application programming interfaces). The entire process in turn allows for the collection of data, the update of IoT devices as well as eSIM and SIM OTA management for a multi-tenant environment.

IoT application development and seamless integration into IT systems will enable better real-time decisions and interactions between devices, to deliver superior customer satisfaction. With the Indian government’s ‘smart cities mission’ set in motion, disruptive technologies such as IoT and M2M (Machine-to-Machine), Cloud, Big data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, among others will be leveraged to merge the physical world with the digital world. As the world continues to grow smaller and more interconnected, M2M solutions will transform the way business is carried out across the globe.

MNOs can optimize M2M solution that works on existing device and SIM management solutions, and paired with highly developed device management and data storage layer to provide easy access to companies in the IoT era. The end-to-end (E2E) IoT solution serves as a profitable tool for both the mobile operators and companies as it enables end users to manage devices and SIMs, declare data structures, implement rules and set alarms on one simple platform. However, a perfect E2E IoT solution for any company must ensure information security, data privacy and safety as the topmost priority.

With growing penetration of smartphones and smart devices in India, high-speed internet access at an affordable price is the need of the hour to enhance seamless communication between people and devices. Consumer demands are increasing by leaps and bounds and in order to meet the growing demands, the entire telecom industry will have to address the major challenges and potential threats ahead.

With powerful application enablement platform, and contextual customer engagement solutions, both the operators and companies will be able to gain deep understanding of customer needs to develop more customized solutions for a better end-user experience. IoT is giving rise to a new wave of disruption, which will have a positive impact on all the sectors of the economy. 

Markus Doetsch, MD & CEO, Sicap Group


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