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Savoye introduces advanced warehouse & transport management solution to the UAE

Dubai, UAE, June 6, 2021: Savoye, a global provider of complete supply chain solutions, has formally introduced to the UAE market its state-of-the-art warehouse and transport management system, ODATiO, as it looks to subsequently roll out the software application to other parts of the Gulf region.

The unveiling positions Savoye as a leading company providing the local market with the only intelligent supply chain solution that has combined functionalities of the warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS).

The UAE deployment followed ODATiO’s official global launch early this year. Offering complete and real-time visibility of all warehouse and transport activities, ODATiO empowers logistics organizations in a way that will increase their agility amid an ever-evolving market, especially in the field of e-commerce.

Frederic Bouchet, Software Sales Development Director-EMEA, Savoye, said: “ODATiO is the result of our significant research and development (R&D) work, technical and functional studies, framework development, and collection and analysis of new processes. The comprehensive efforts that went into the designing of this software program demonstrated Savoye’s commitment to extend an application able to cater to all modern supply chain and logistics requirements.”

Savoye introduces advanced warehouse & transport management solution to the UAE

Bouchet added: “Through the highly scalable solution, we guarantee more flexibility in terms of configuration, more autonomy with the processes, and increased data interoperability, among others. Its users in the UAE, and soon in other parts of the region, can implement it on several sites in an optimized, rapid, and replicable way to meet the latest market criteria.”

The 100 per cent web-based solution enables complete visibility of the warehouse and transport activities through its dedicated, multi-site, multi-language, interactive, and fully customizable dashboard. It is not only highly responsive, but it is also easily accessible using any device, including tablets and smartphones, and operator terminals.

Furthermore, ODATiO can be completely reconfigured by the user according to the needs of the warehouse. It can easily comply with new strategic guidelines and operational structuring such as changes in storage and picking areas, the integration of a new e-commerce channel or the latest product line, and the implementation of a new layout or new automated systems.

ODATiO, which is capable of addressing current and future industry constraints, can fully manage both traditional and robotized warehouses and communicate with Savoye’s hardware technologies, including the company’s goods-to-person robotics solutions.

“It can adapt to the situation in a standard and progressive way and support the development ambitions of supply chain and logistics organizations. Also, it is being continually enhanced by new standard modules to enable access to updates of existing features. Nevertheless, the solution was born from the observation that, in a world where the supply chain is a real driver for competitiveness and performance for companies, logistics organization must be flexible. This flexibility empowers them to meet the ever-increasing demands of an evolving market,” Bouchet said.

ODATiO forms part of Savoye’s full supply chain application suite that can be integrated into any software-as-a-service (SaaS) as well as on-premise system. It caters to the needs of companies involved in the areas of 3PL (third-party logistics), luxury, retail, textile and fashion, office supplies, pharmaceuticals, beauty care, and industrial supplies.

The new solution combining WMS and TMS can be incorporated into any international business model and is immediately ready for application in the Middle East zone. Savoye assures full implementation support and maintenance of its application solutions delivered by its knowledgeable and professional pre-sales, sales, consultants, and project management teams based in Dubai


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